Bank Robber Turns Himself In After His Mom Orders Him to Do So

Westerville, OH | A 42-year-old bank robber has turned himself in to local authorities after his 78-year-old mom ordered him to do so.

Hunter Poxsley, a welfare recipient who has lived with his mother for his entire life, was forced to bring back part of the loot to the local police station days after he successfully robbed a local bank.

” I told him that if he didn’t bring back the money, he’d burn in Hell for eternity and that I’d kick him out of the house ” 

– Theresa Poxsley, mother


The mother of the criminal grew suspicious when her son invited her to the restaurant on several occasions, although she claimed he had no money being on welfare

A good Christian boy

His mother told reporters that she disapproved of his actions, but that since he gave himself up to the police, she believes he did the right thing in the end.

“I didn’t raise my son to become a criminal, but a good God-fearing Christian. I think in the end, he did the right thing” she told reporters.

“Jesus will find a place in his heart to forgive him” she added.

A third degree felony

The 42-year-old criminal brought back the $2,600 he had stolen of a grand total of $7,800 he had shared with two other accomplices.

He also revealed who his two accomplices were and their whereabouts before they were also both arrested several hours later.

The man that face charges of a third degree felony and a potential 1 to 5 year prison sentence, could get a lighter sentence because of his good behavior, admit experts.

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