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This Week in Taco Bell: How to lifehack your Taco Bell order
And by “lifehack,” here, I mean to operate complete within the boundaries established by Taco Bell’s mobile app and in a manner that Taco Bell probably encourages. Still, the flood of possibilities opened up by Taco Bell’s mobile ordering platform have …
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12 cheap ways to lifehack your way into being happier
What makes you happy? The third annual World Happiness Report shows that the Swiss, Icelanders, Danes, and Norwegians may have it figured out — they score highest on a “happiness scale” out of all the countries on Earth. Having a national social …
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Lifehack: Wear Super Tight Skinny Jeans To Thwart Pickpockets
It doesn’t matter if you’re ultra-vigilant or half-asleep—pickpockets are going to get you if they want to. Pickpockets are such a normal part of living in NYC, I (along with other men I know) have given up on carrying wallets altogether, resigning …
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