New Summer Fruit Set To Hit Shelves Soon

Genetically modified foods are one of great controversies of our time. While critics fear there maybe unknown effects on our health, supporters point to the amazing possibilities of nutrient-packed food eradicating world hunger. Using gene splicing methods, researchers are proud to announce the development of a brand new type of fruit: Waterloupe.

Soon to be a new summer favorite, the waterloupe (a cross between cantaloupe and watermelon) is on the fast track for FDA approval. Once approved it will be hitting the store shelves within a matter of weeks. Researchers describe the taste and texture as being “sweet and crispy”. The outside looks like a cantaloupe while the inside is more like a watermelon with crispy flesh and a vibrant red color.

The nutritional value is said to be extraordinary. The waterloupe contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from both the cantaloupe and watermelon, but in triple the amounts making the new fruit a powerhouse of nutritional value. Considering the years of research, development, and testing required to develop this new fruit there is no question that it will demand a higher price at the grocery store. Researchers have already mentioned the possibility that it will only be carried at fine food stores and gourmet markets. Ultimately, it will be the consumer who decides if this new fruit is worthy of a hefty price. Will you try this new super fruit?

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