@nyc4love – Helping New York Find Love

New Yorkers use Craigslist to buy or sell stuff and meet people. Some of them use Craigslist’s Missed Connections page to post about people they saw or met yet didn’t exchange contact info. Many of them go unnoticed and expire after a few days.

A group of creatives decided to take this messages to the streets in the name of LOVE.


On St. Valentine’s, they gave 14 of these posts a better chance to succeed. They printed and placed them in locations specific to their message: bars, trains, subway stations, cafes…

Check it out: http://projectnyc4love.tumblr.com/.

Hopefully somebody found love because of the project.

Indeed, Brian Novoa, Heather Han, Laura Dayan and Marc Duran did find love in every place they went to hang the posts. And that made this cold St. Valentine a little bit warmer for them.


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